Snapped at Los Angeles suburbia, Nissan's new 370Z is only due for public consumption in a week's time at the LA Auto Show.

In a week's time the world will be able to get a close shot at the new Nissan 370Z in the flesh at LA Auto Show. If the world cannot wait, there are these sneak peak images from GT-R-World which show the car snapping around in Los Angeles suburbs. Good colour too, Vibrant red, so as not to be easily missed by cameras. Those shiny discs are 19x9″ and 19x10″ Rays Forged aluminium wheels for the premium spec cars, with 245/40R19 tires up front and 275/35R19 at the back.

Up 0.2-litres from its predecessor the 350Z, 3.7-litre 370Z forges a throaty 332hp and 265 lb/ft of torque. True to Z car roots, including 350, the 370Z is a pretty practical coupe said by Nissan to swallow up two golf bags with no qualms. The rear brace has been simplified, resulting in better more space by the boot.