Porsche sets up a driver training course for new buyers. The 3.1 km track and training site sits next to the Silverstone racing circuit in Northamptonshire.

You know, why buy a Porsche if you don't know how to drive it? And by driving, I mean, driving it very fast.

Oh, yes, because there are these laws called speed limits. And those laws are enforced by cameras (in the UK and other countries) that take unflattering, yet undeniably identifying, photos of you while you are engage in doing so.

So, hereby, Porsche gives you the Porsche Driving Experience Centre. A place where new Porsche buyers in the UK and Ireland can go to "learn" how to drive (that is; drive a Porsche really fast around a track that is kept free of obstructing objects for you to crash into.)

The newly opened center sits next to the Silverstone Grand Prix track in Northamptonshire and contains a 3.1 km long track for new Porsche drivers to take a spin around.

A £100 "wellness assessment" is also available for those who want to make sure they can handle the vigors of driving fast. This includes measuring blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and lung function. For £349, Porsche Human Performance will provide you with a series of even more creepily intrusive medical examinations to see if you are fit to race. But F1 wannabes beware, this may involve a colonoscopy.

There's lots more in the press release below.


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