Michelin has developed the next generation wheel for NASA moon rover vehicles that has possible uses even for people down here on Earth.

Michelin; to the moon and beyond? The relationship between tire manufacturer Michelin and NASA goes back more than 20 years, and Michelin is planning for another possible 20. Announcing a new lunar wheel for the next generation of NASA moon rover vehicles, Michelin's David Stafford, chief operating officer of Michelin Americas Research Company, said:

"Michelin has partnered with NASA for more than 20 years to provide tires for the space shuttle, and now we are taking our involvement a step further in support of the next generation of space exploration. This project demonstrates Michelin's ability to engineer advanced technology that meets the mobility needs of the world's most demanding customers, including NASA."

The new wheel is made of breakthrough composite materials and is expected to benefit more than just NASA missions. It maintains flexibility and constant ground contact, and can keep a move through loose soil and craters associated with the moon. Traction is also maintained even at very low temperatures.


Michelin Develops Lunar Wheel for NASA Moon Rover Vehicles