Upgrades to Nissan GT-R for MY 2009 result in more power but better fuel economy. Also going up is the price, again, by 5 percent.

Nissan is making a few changes to the GT-R for Model Year 2009. Soon it will be two years since the GT-R went to market in Japan and these changes/ additions will benefit that market first. MY 09 is being dubbed Series II.

It gets a power upgrade of 5ps to 485ps/ 357kW, the white point paint is now Storm White, Brembo brake calipers are now rebadged as Nissan instead of Brembo, and the front license plate base has been removed and the fuel tank increased from 71 litres to 73.8 litres. Fuel economy thus goes from 8.2 km/L to 8.5km/L. However, all this comes at yet another price increase, this time up 5 percent.


Nissan GT-R Updates for MY 2009 - Dubbed Series II