BRABUS becomes the first tuner to modify the electric Tesla roadster with a show vehicle to be displayed at the Essen show. It includes a body kit and engine-sound generating speakers!

If you're going to have a desirable performance car, you're going to have customized and personalized versions of it. That's the way of the industry. Even the electric Tesla sports roadster is no exception. The first modified Tesla (and, arguably, the first "official" modified electric car) has just been released by BRABUS and will debut at the Essen Motor Show.

The first vehicle in what BRABUS says will be an ongoing cooperation with the company, the BRABUS Tesla features a variety of appearance upgrades and personalization features. Tire and wheel options are naturally first on the list, with offset 18- and 19-inch BRABUS Monoblock S light-alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Nero rubber. The BRABUS show car also features a carbon-fiber front lip, rear diffuser and rear spoiler, as well as a striking matte white paint job.

Not so common is what BRABUS calls the "space sound generator." Taking advantage of the Tesla's near-silent electric operation, BRABUS offers a variety of on-board sound generators that can make the roadster emit V8 engine or race engine sounds, as well as "futuristic soundscapes" dubbed "Beam" and "Warp." The sound generators vary in volume based on the electric motor's output.

A leather and Alcantara interior with other BRABUS customization touches completes the show car. BRABUS is showing the modified Tesla to highlight the introduction of its Zero Emission division, which will offer upgrades and possibly limited-edition Tesla models in the future.

BRABUS Tunes Tesla Roadster for Essen