The next installment of the Terminator movie franchise promises bigger thrills than ever, as the signature cyborg is combined with a motorcycle to create a lethal wheeled killing machine.

The Terminator movie franchise has always been good for eye-popping car chases, from a semi-truck chasing a dirt bike through a riverbed to a Cadillac hearse with the roof torn off. Each movie seeks to top the last, in true Hollywood fashion, and for the upcoming installment, called Terminator Salvation, they're looking to take things a step further. The machines and special effects continue to get bigger, badder and better.

Debuting in May 2009, the next Terminator movie combines the cyborgs of the title with the very vehicles that are needed for a good chase, with the "Moto-Terminators" pictured here. Designed as a lethal combination of Terminator and motorcycle, the vehicles (characters?) will be featured in Terminator Salvation. The teaser clips that have surfaced on the web so far have been grainy, but these shots show the Moto-Terminator clearly. Admit it, you can't wait!

First Clear Images of Moto-Terminator - Set to Star in Terminator 4: Salvation