Suggestions that Audi R4 is going ahead have grown even stronger, with heavy speculation on exactly what sort of machine is being considered. More "R" sports cars coming from Audi.

Audi R4. A four-wheel-drive mid-engined coupe/ roadster. Heard of it before, seen it in these renderings by WCF in-house rendering artist Larson too. Many thought it died at the same time Porsche took over the building? Well not really...

Fresh rumours suggest the R4 is a go and a quick one at that. The car will use a new platform which will be shared by next-generation Boxster and Cayman, a cost-managing measure to be implemented by new and highly profitable bosses at Porsche. But why not use the current TT platform? Apparently because that baby is on its last generation, to be replaced by another mid-engined something called the R3.

Audi is keen to ride on the R8's current shine, hence all this mid-engine mayhem. The R4 will rest above TT/ R3 in the range and cost around £35,000 when it comes into market in the expected year of 2011. Rear-wheel-biased 60:40 quattro will be fitted and mated to either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed R-Tronic double-clutch gearbox. Engines include a V6, lower-spec 4-cylinder types and the new 335bhp 2.5-litre turbo. Diesel is not out of the question either.

A whole lot of other "R" sports cars are being planned, including an R6 - Jaguar XK/ BMW 6 rival - and R10 which is based on the V12 TDI engine.