The latest Aston Martin One-77 promotional video delves a bit more under the skin, promising more exclusivity and performance.

Indulge in the latest video starring the Aston Martin One-77, in which three of the people involved in its sculpting as it were, share some of its finer points. For example, did you know the One-77 will be so powerful as to be able to accelerate from any gear? Did you know, that its pedals can be fine-tuned to suit the individual owner, so he/she has extra exclusive feel for the car's ownership? The other interesting thing is that exterior panels are hand-made, something Aston can afford to do since only 77 of these rare cars will be made.

Very expensive materials are used for construction, some have probably never been found on any other car before. "The amount of noise that will come through the exhaust...will sound like nothing that you've ever imagined before" is but one of many bold statements made on this clip.

Super high promises then from Aston, and One-77 promises to deliver on all of them. The British luxury sports car will produce 700bhp from a 7-litre V12 engine.


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