Lotus' GT4 Super Sport entry the 2-Eleven has undergone significant upgrades for the 2009 racing season, with more power and an aerodynamic body kit that will hopefully fare better against the KTM X-Bow.

Is Lotus feeling a bit of pressure? After the folks who invented the "lighter-is-better" racing philosophy were shown up by the newly-arrived KTM X-Bow in the GT4 Super Sport series in 2008, Lotus has big plans for 2009. The Lotus Sport 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport debuts next year, facing the X-Bow and Donkervoort D8 in the GT4 Super Sport class. The 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport is a track-only vehicle, with a new composite body and more power than the current 2-Eleven.

Lotus has tweaked the induction and exhaust systems, remapped the engine management and made the supercharger more powerful. This brings the 2-Eleven GT4 up to 270 PS (266 bhp) with 247 Nm torque. A six-speed sequential transmission with a center-mounted lever features a rev-matching "auto-blip" system for downshifts. A limited-slip differential is also part of the package. The suspension has been upgraded with stiffer springs and race-spec rear toe links.

The 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport is wrapped in a dramatic aerodynamic composite body that features a rigid tonneau cover, deep front splitter and an aggressive carbon fiber rear wing. A full roll cage and carbon-fiber racing seat are also part of the package.

Lotus also says that many of the modifications made to this car can be retrofitted to existing 2-Elevens.
Deliveries of the initial ten-car run begin in March, just in time for the 2009 racing season, and the Lotus 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport has an MSRP of £78,255.

Lotus Sport 2-Eleven GT4 Race Car Released