Kia plans to show a fuel cell-equipped Borrego alongside the new Soul crossover at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

GM may have pulled out of the Los Angeles Auto Show, but the industry's woes won't rain on everybody's parade. Kia is rumored to have two showstoppers planned. First there's the Soul urban crossover, of course, with its new face for the Korean brand. We've also got hints of a second significant introduction from Kia, in the form of the Borrego Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

This concept SUV is equipped with Kia's third-generation fuel-cell stack. It's rumored to feature significant advances for the technology, including sub-zero starting capability, improved fuel cell output and a new lithium-ion polymer battery with better cycling and charging. The Borrego FCEV could be a step toward a production fuel-cell vehicle from Kia, which would put the manufacturer at the forefront of the growing electric car market.

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