Specialty Australian supercar maker unveils latest creation, the Bolwell Nagari, powered by a 295 hp, 3.5 liter Toyota-made V6.

The Victoria-based Australian specialty marque Bolwell has unveiled its latest model -- the Nagari.

The Nagari is a mid-engined, lightweight sports car powered by a 295 hp, 3.5 liter Toyota-made V6. With torque maxing out at 345 Nm, this 2,020 pound car (a mere 920 kg) packs plenty of boogie in terms of its horsepower to weight ratio.

Oh, yes, the news here is the pricing, coming in at 198,000 Australian Dollars, which translates into about 104,000 euros or 132,000 US dollars.

The Nagari was first shown at the Melbourne Motor Show back in March of this year. It features a 6-speed, paddle-shifted transmission and is made of "high-impact" composites along with carbon-fibre reinforcements. These lightweight materials were developed in the aerospace sciences to reduce weight on air and space crafts. Now, there are used in the automotive tuning world, talk about trickle-down technology.

The Nagari's 0 to 100 km/h time comes in at around 4 seconds. There's talk of a Tesla-like electric version somewhere down the line. Bolwell has started taking orders on the car and the first Nagari should be at home in someone's driveway by Christmas.


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