Hyundai teams with fashion house Prada to create three special edition Genesis sedans

It's great to the see the Korean brands Hyundai and Kia working their way up the quality ladder.

They've come pretty close already to matching Toyota and Honda in terms of build quality, making very reliable cars. But they still lack the style appeal of even their Japanese rivals (let alone the Americans or Europeans) and that means there is still work to be done.

Here Hyundai has gone whole hog and hooked up with fashion house Prada to help boost its overall styling and interior design appeal on the Genesis sedan series. With the rear-wheel drive, V6 and V8 powered Genesis platform, Hyundai has unhesitatingly taken the plunge into the premium sector.

"We've made a name for ourselves as a quality automaker, and are now focusing on raising our brand image," said James Choi, Hyundai Motor's President of International Sales, in a company press release.

One of the cars will be unveiled at the 2009 Seoul Motor Show. The two others will be featured on display at the Prada Transformer, a temporary building adjacent to Seoul's Kyeonghee Palace which will house "different art, cinema, culture and fashion events from March to July 2009."


Gallery: Hyundai and Prada Create Three Special Edition Genesis Sedans

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