Jaguar plans a coup de coupe with a small sports car and roadster to take on the establishment. No SUVs for the brand lest it cripples sister Land Rover.

Jaguar, under the careful stewardship of Tata Motors, is reportedly considering three new cars for market. We understand a coupe or roadster version of the upcoming new XF is on the cards, and so is a smaller sports car. The compact coupe car would be positioned below the XK while the sports car would be sent to compete with Porsche Boxster/ BMW Z4/ Merc SLK. A big luxury car is also on the table, possibly pitched against Rolls Royce and Bentley.

This information is courtesy of dealers in the US who were also told that an SUV could not be considered under the name Jaguar as it would cannibalise sales from sister company Land Rover. Also a smaller, entry-level X-Type-based SUV is out of the question. No word yet on hybrids and the like going forward, but we do expect both brands to quickly get up to speed on these within the next few years.