KTM's awesome X-Bow will be one of the featured vehicles at this year's multi-disciplined shootout the Race of Champions, to be held this December 13-14.

KTM's ultralight X-Bow continues to lead a high-profile existence. The Austrian sports car has been on the market for less than a year, and it's already landed a prime spot as the vehicle to be used in one of the challenges for this year's Race of Champions.

Taking place this December 13-14 at Wembley Stadium, the Race of Champions brings together a number of drivers from vastly different disciplines and racing organizations and pits them head-to-head in a series of motorsport competitions. Drivers from Formula One, the WTCC, WRC and World Superbike Championship have been invited to this year's event, with more driver announcements expected in the coming weeks.

The X-Bow's stripped-down, race-ready form makes it stand out among supercars, and its ability as a track car has been proven with its successes in the European GT4 series. KTM recently announced a fully homologated "Race" edition of the X-Bow, to go on sale in 2009.

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