Anteros from n2a Motors Inc, can soon be seen at 2008 La Auto Show. All Corvette-bones of it. Given power can go beyond 1000bhp, for a few extra pennies.

The Los Angeles Auto Show will see the debut of this interesting motor vehicle from n2a Motors, Inc. Essentially a Corvette under the carbon fiber skin, the Anteros even uses the 430 hp/424 lb.-ft. torque, LS3 V8 engine for power. Get this, it's even covered by GM so you can service it at any GM dealership! Except it makes more. Much more.

What separates it from father ‘Vette then, other than power? The design for one. Inspiration there came from classic European designs of the 1960s sports cars, with that tubular pen-shaped frame. Engine has been modified to 630 bhp with a Lingenfelter performance package. For a few thousand extra you can get a package of over 1000 bhp. Interior is hand-stitched leather, body as said, is carbon fiber, and a custom cat back exhaust.

Baseline Anteros Coupe comes at a $149,500, Convertible $154,500 and Coupes based on the Z06 platform come at a minimum of $176,500.


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