Reliable sources say a Roewe 550-derived hatch is coming to production for the year 2010. Additionally TF and other two new products are being developed.

NAC-MG is working on a Roewe 550-based hatchback for 2010, which is something I'm sure a lot of us are looking forward to. This according to reliable sources. These renderings show what such a vehicle could potentially look like when it's launched. Probably to be named in the tradition of the post-2001 ‘Zed car' range, the car is performing some testing in Millbrook as well as the UK's A5. Not exactly in good economic shape at the moment, NAC-MG is spending miminum budget on developing this car, which from what we see is a direct replacement of the dismally-built, but dynamically sound ZR.

Engines will not be spent on too much either, with the N-Series engine range in 1.8-litre and 1.8T guise installed. Power outputs should stretch between 120 bhp and 160 bhp. The year 2010 will be an important one for the company as it introduces this vehicle, plus a heavily-revised TF, a super small car and a large sedan.


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