Carbon Motors showcases its very own cop car, called the E7, at the San Diego Police Convention.

The 115th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in taking place in San Diego, California right now. Some 15,000 senior law enforcement professionals are gathered there to figure out how to make pulling you over for speeding a more enjoyable experience.

And Carbon Motors has decided this is a good place to sell their new cop car. As if it's cops themselves who go out and buy the cars and not the cities that employ them and run the police departments.

Anyway, Carbon Motors's new E7 is conceived as a specially built police car, instead of having to retro-fit a production model as a law-enforcement vehicle.

The E7 includes an ergonomically correct cockpit, a powerful diesel engine (bio-diesel capable), surveillance cameras everywhere, an automatic license-plate recognition system, radiation and biological threat detectors, and other gizmos that make this thing a real Robo-Cop. Wonder what it costs? They don't say.

Call me a traditionalist, but what's wrong with those old work horses, the Crown Vic or the Chevy Impala? At least when you catch one of those in your rear-view mirror you know what's coming.



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