An even more powerful GT-R? Yep! Try a large dose of 600 hp will ya? How does that taste? Tastes like GT-R Le Mans Edition that's what!

Nissan GT-R is expanding its already impressive repertoire by not only upping performance and spec for the upcoming GT-R V-Spec, but they have an even more potent ace up their sleeves. Best Car magazine say their "inside info" points them towards the direction of a very limited edition Le Mans Edition. Nissan is making a competition car, from which a street-legal version shall spawn.

Already an LM edition Skyline GT-R R33 was built in the 1990s, and was painted only Competition Blue. It was in commemoration to the car that took part at Le Mans 24 Hours. Beauty it was that, so we anticipate something of a sweet deal on this GT-R as well.

Suspected force will come from the car's tried and tested 3.8-litre V6 which will delve a bit deeper past the standard 480hp (353kW) into something said to be a scathing 612hp (450kW). Additionally the usual upgrades will apply: sharper, bigger brakes, new body kit, suspension and aerodynamic changes. The GT-R has already proven its pedigree among the finest on the planet, so we can only imagine what an LM Edition will come to. I wonder if it has been benchmarked against the 911 GT2? Or was that the V-Spec?


Rendered Speculation: Nissan GT-R Le Mans Edition with 600hp