Nissan released teaser photos of its NV2500 concept, a full-size panel truck that hints at Nissan's plans to enter the U.S. heavy-duty truck market in 2010.

Nissan's got big news coming at the Detroit Auto Show. Literally--the NV2500 concept truck, for which teaser photos have just been released, is the largest concept vehicle ever built by the Japanese manufacturer.  The vehicle explores "multi-purpose utility solutions in the real world."

More importantly, the NV2500 is a harbinger of Nissan's entry into the commercial truck market in 2010. Rumors that Nissan is pulling out of the full-size truck market are clearly in error. The photos show a full-size, long-nosed panel van like the ones Ford and Chevrolet used to build in the 1950s and ‘60s. The NV2500's powerful-looking front sheet metal may be a harbinger of an upcoming redesign for the Titan and Armada full-size trucks as well.