Christmas shopping at Porsche -- new line of luxury jewelery released for the holiday shopper with a generous spirit of giving.

Just in time for Christmas, here comes Porsche Design with new line of luxury jewelery for the holiday shopper with a generous spirit of giving.

Porsche Design has been around since 1972 and sports a range of men's accessories products including a Porsche fragrance line. This new Christmas 2008 "gift line" includes a series of sports watches which take their design cues from Porsche dash display panels.

There's also some men's 18 carat rose gold cufflinks. Have you ever worn cufflinks? What kind of people wear cufflinks? People with a lot of money wear cufflinks.

All luxury auto marques do this kind of thing. They sell top-of-the-line goods, right in their dealerships too, that carry their brand logo -- items like sports watches, handbags, mountain bikes even, all for pretty hefty prices, of course.

So if you can't afford a Porsche for, say, 100,000 euros, just drop about 5,000 or so on one of these watches. Hey, who's going to think you bought the watch but don't have the car? And until they find out you will be super cool.

'Golden Christmas' with Porsche Design