Nissan works with Japanese atomic agency to study flow of engine oil and improve engine lubrication technology.

Are you ready for you nuclear physics lesson of the day?


In a joint announcement today Nissan and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) said they were working on a...we just have to quote them on this..."neutron imaging system that has provided the world's first precise visualization of oil flow in an engine operating at high speed."

Got it? Well, don't ask us to explain.

Actually, it's our job to do it, so, here we go.

Nissan is studying, using sophisticated photography, the interaction of engine oil (its speed, density and composition at various points) to look at how it flows and creates friction inside of the engine. They're doing so in order to find designs for engines that optimize oil viscosity, or oil flow.

Of course, with better engine viscosity you get improved performance and efficiency with more power and better mileage.

There, now you can read the whole press release.



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