MCCHIP unveils its own VW Scirocco taking the 2.0 liter TFSI to 246 hp -- and becoming one of the first to market as tuners line up to have their go at the new Scirocco.

Tuners are taking their shots at the new Scirocco and being first to the market with a tuner version of a new vehicle is part of the competition.

Now, MCCHIP has unveiled its own Scirocco, taking VW's 2.0 liter TFSI to 246 hp and 346 Nm of torque with its cheap and fast chip-tuning which costs a mere 849 euros for the 50 or so odd additional horses.

There's a cool set of alloy rims with 235/35-19 Michelin PS-Cup tires and a suspension tuning bit by H&R too.

Also available is a new exhaust system with a 2 x 76 mm diameter pipe that creates a "race" sound comparable to an old man grumbling to himself at a bus stop. Just kidding. Guess one just has to hear it to know what it sounds like.


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