Mercedes may have just launched their monochrome accessories for the new GLK, but for those who want something a little more traditional under the Christmas tree this year the company has also announced a new series of white monochrome gift ideas for the Mercedes-Benz Collection.

For owners feeling slightly guilty about their GL 550's carbon footprint there's the white Comfort Edition mountain bike which features aluminum construction and sophisticated four-link rear construction. Built by ADPEngineering GmbH it's sure to make your neighbor's Schwinn look downright cheap.

If the financial crisis has taken a bite out of your car buying budget, perhaps a new 1:18 scale model of the GLK will cheer you up. Want to teach your children about the luxury and performance of the Mercedes brand? Then order then one of the 1,000 special edition Bobby Benz SLK AMG go-carts which feature a new Direct-Steer system which enhances handling and decreases its turning radius. Those who live in regions with snow can get the Bobby-Bob sledge which has an ergonomic steering wheel and a telescopic suspension.

There is also an extensive selection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children.


Mercedes-Benz Monochrome Gift Ideas