New Terminator 4 video surfaces with motorbike-based terminators wreaking a lot of cinematic destruction. Details of the upcoming Terminator 4 revealed in new video.

The folks over at have unearthed this video teaser for the upcoming film Terminator 4: Salvation. The movie will feature 10 new terminators, including motorbike-based terminators and machines that swim underwater, according to Martin Laing, Production Designer for Terminator 4.

Terminator 4 will star Christian Bale of Batman fame and will be directed by McG - the self-branded, quintessentially Gen-X director of such elevated fare like Charlie's Angels. This new Terminator movie will likely provide enough pyrotechnics to mimic Hell itself. One of those films they may as well call Everything Blows Up.

Apparently, the film will be set in that post-apocalyptic future from which previous terminators came from via a time travel device. According to Laing, the events of this film take place before the "future" events from the previous 3 Terminator films do. If you can follow that logic. Hence the killer robot is now the T-600 model - the precursor product line to the "I'll be back" model as incarnated by Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1984.

Terminator 4: Salvation is scheduled for release in the summer of 2009.

MotorBike Based Terminators Surface in Terminator 4 Video