A NISMO internal brochure has been leaked and details a Nissan 370 Z S-Tune package. Trouble is, for us anyway, it's in Japanese. Care to translate, anyone?

WANTED: a kick-ass translator of the Japanese language. These leaked scanned pics of a black& white brochure from NISMO, the official in-house Nissan tuner, feature what appears to be intricate details regarding a 370 Z S-Tune package. Our Japanese only goes as far as "sushi", "koni chiwa" (which probably sounds like something else) and two other words we cannot pronounce.

The little info that could be gathered was that the body kit is made up of front and rear lip spoilers, a rear wing, large alloy wheels, side sills, full sports exhaust pack and better brakes. The Nissan 370 Z, called Fairlady-Z in Japan, is the replacement vehicle for 350 Z, a car that reintroduced Nissan into people's sporting minds where it belongs. So if you understand the characters represented on these images, holler back!


Nissan 370Z Nismo S-Tune Brochure Springs a Leak