Legendary F1 racer stages comeback as BMW tuner. Brabham Racing makes its return at the Essen Motor Show with their own versions of BMW's M3, M5, and X6.

Brabham Racing marks its return with an appearance at the Essen Motor Show and introduces the BT 70, BT 60 and the BT 92. That last number being a reference to the year Brabham went bust, something to do with not paying their bills. Probably an unintended reference.

But let's have a look at the cars.

The BT 70 is what Brabham Racing calls a "sporty interpretation of the SUV X6".

The BT 60 is a re-invented M5.

And the BT 92 is a fancied-up BMW M3.

Don't complain to us about the lack of details and pics, because that's really all we got. One should assume more details and photos are forthcoming.

All we gathered from the press release (linked to here below) is something about high performance braking systems and carbon-fiber parts on a wire-frame model.

The Essen Motor Show takes place from the 29th of November to the 7th of December.