A fresh new exterior for 2009 Toyota Aygo on its way to Bologna Motor Show in December. Aygo 2009 is part of a 13-product, 2009 offensive from the Japanese automaker.

Toyota Aygo is to be revealed after a mid-life facelift in the next few weeks in Bologna, Italy.  The promise is to give it a series of exciting new changes in the exterior, further differentiating it from its competition. Aygo is also to benefit from Toyota's long-time commitment of cutting down emissions by getting Optimal Drive technologies.

The new 2009 Aygo being unveiled at the Bologna Motor Show (because Italy is the world's largest A-segment or ultra-small market) on December 4 is one of 13 new models planned for launch by the world's biggest automaker. And this is just in 2009. Such a number of new models is a great sign of confidence in the 2009 - 2010 market for Toyota, which itself hasn't been immune to the current slump in global vehicle sales.


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