OZ Strongman Contest receives a boost when HUMMER got involved with the competition

The OZ Strongman Contest is, for the first time, being supported by the HUMMER brand. The contest is Australia's premier test of physical strength where contestants battle it out in six disciplines that include pushing an H3 up to 30 metres. Clearly this is no place for cornflake-chewing, Internet-surfing under-150kg normal guys. Muscle is the word.

Managing Director of the competition Chris Andrews says: "It makes perfect sense to combine the strengths of the HUMMER brand and the OZ Strongman Championship. Like the HUMMER H3, our competitors thrive in a challenging environment, have enormous endurance and look pretty powerful too."

HUMMER has been going through a bit of strain lately, in sales and public perception so this opportunity should hopefully improve its public profile, plug the bleeding and help stabilise declining sales. The show is taking place this Sunday 9 November at the Chandler Velodrome in Brisbane.



HUMMER Adds Muscle to 2008 OZ Strongman Contest