Toyota hooks up with guitar maker Fender to rock the new Matrix and presents the 6-string concept Matrix at the SEMA 2008.

The guitar car is here. Or should that read the car guitar? Whatever.

Toyota says the interior design of this 6-string Matrix concept (by Austin Speed Shop) was inspired by Fender. Fender is the maker of guitars, such as the telecaster favored by rockers like Keith Richards or the stratocaster as used by Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton. No cabin pics are available yet but one would be really curious to see how you make a car cockpit look like a guitar.

What details Toyota does provide are on the sound and entertainment system. Useful, since you're more likely to see and hear this car while it is sitting still on display at SEMA than ever watch it move.

There's a 42-inch plasma screen HDTV by Panasonic, four amplifiers and 17 speakers in total. A guitar amplifier is included too and an integrated Sony Playstation 3 with the Rock Band music game in case your kid enjoys passing the time blaring guitar noise at you while you're on a long drive. And who wouldn't want that.

Is there a guitar? Well, at least for the SEMA show. And it will be played by...some marketing guy from Fender Custom Shop you've never hear of. Cool.


2009 Toyota Matrix 6-String at SEMA 2008