Yaris five-door tailback is flipping all its doors open for SEMA 2008. Green colour, green theme, wicked doors.

In 2009 Toyota releases the Yaris five-door liftback, a sort of sportsback for the young masses. Before that SEMA 2009 is seeing the first incarnation of its "street" version, the Yaris Five-Door Tailback concept. Presented in a green hue with gold metal flake pain, the car embraces things like wide body kit, widened front and rear fender flairs, 11-inch wide wheels, a custom hood and newly designed rear spoiler.

All very interesting, but not so much as the automated rear suicide doors and the horizontal rear split tailgate that makes it look like a truck load gate. As a young attraction the car features all things entertainment, things like a Pioneer audio visual system that displays a number of digital gauges and plays content through the integrated iPod.

Yaris Five-Door Tailback concept runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) system which allows the driver the option of switching to that fuel source at will.


Gallery: 2009 Yaris Five-Door Tailback at SEMA 2008