APS, the specialist tuning house with over 25 years of turbo tuning, has turned a Pontiac G8 into something of a Pontiac GR8 (or great). Realizing some potential in the 6.0-litre V8 used in the G8, APS then got to grips with it by installing an intercooled twin turbo system, which is cleverly mounted under the chassis so heat moves away from the engine. Clever yes, if you live in a town with no speed humps and other road oddities.

What power then? How’s about 557 bhp on the trot? And torque? That’s 583.8 ftlb. It’s good figures by any measure, and APS says its system ensures access to all this munchy power and delivers through quite a flat range. The intercoolers work hard to cool things down such that APS claims a quarter mile run twice or more up and down the straight will not even sweat its G8 system.

So those who own VXR8s and HSV Clubsport R8s will be welcome at APS to see how much further things can go. APS themselves reckon there’s quite a few more horses stored under the ‘hood here and perhaps in time it may all come home to roost.

Gallery: APS boosts Pontiac G8 GT to 557 bhp

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