A.R.T. has pimped out Mercedes-Benz GL into this massive SUV mammoth called MAMMUT.

German tuner A.R.T. has named its latest idea the MAMMUT, which is translated as MAMMOTH and you can see why. Appropriate because of size association but also because of current attitudes toward SUVs of this size, the GL could very well go the mammoth way. Before that though, treatment from A.R.T. is fitted to Mercedes-Benz's GL-Class to the max; only the engine has received minimal work. The A.R.T. MAMMUT differs from standard dealer cars in a number of areas, so we'll start from the exterior.

The MAMMUT holds its own looks-wise by going very aggressive, incorporating broadened front fenders, LED headlights, large nostriled air inlets, cornering lights and fog lights. As a consequence, MAMMUT by A.R.T. looks very purposeful upfront.

Rear lights are also LED and feature a function that illuminates them when any of the doors are open, which is a good safety precaution. Enhancing the look backside is an integrated rear diffuser, four-pipe hard-chrome tail pipes with A.R.T. logos and an integrated roof spoiler. Illuminating for passengers too, are the STEPLIGHTS which light up the running boards for easy access into the cabin area.

A sports steering wheel makes for quite an attentive driving experience and interior appointments are sharpened by a choice of the following combinations: leather/fine wood, leather/leather, leather/alcantara, or leather/carbon fiber.

So far only cars marked "CDI" have been completed, with V6 and V8 models lined up for treatment later. A.R.T. promises a 20% increase in speeds for the MAMMUT over the standard vehicle, yet fuel consumption is kept in check.


Project GL MAMMUT by A.R.T.