Mercedes-Benz has shown up at SEMA with the most audacious tuner versions of the GLK. The GLK is not the most obvious choice for the Stuttgart-based German brand, one would think any of their sedans or coupes should come first. But SEMA is a place for the extreme and the Mercedes-Benz brand known for being traditional and conservative gets very funky here. It's up to the people to decided whether they like what they see.

Canadian tuner and restorer Legendary Motorcar Company turns a GLK into an extreme-sport themed vehicle. It's invention is called the Rock Crawler, which one can only guess is meant to evoke the sport of rock-climbing. Ok, we get it now.

Also on display will be the RENNtech GLK Pikes Peak Rally Racer which adds an electric motor to the Mercedes 3.5 V6 gasoline engine and turns this GLK into a hybrid. So, it's also called the GLK Rally Racer Hybrid (see the press release for details). The addition of 12 volt plug-in batteries adds a 72 volt jolt to the power output. RENNtech says it is working on a nickel-hydride solution (the type of technology used in cell-phone and laptop batteries which make for longer life) that will also feature regenerative charging.

The one that remains most like a Mercedes is the BRABUS GLK Widestar, described as more "European."

That freaky topless GLK is the Boulevard Customs GLK Urban Whip, which may refer to the girl standing next to it, although there's no sign of the whip.

But Daimler may not be completely in tune with the tuner crowd (pardon the intended pun). They put out press releases the size of a phone book. Many, many more details follow there. Knock yourselves out.

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