Three Hyundai Genesis sedans strapped with the 4.6-liter Tau V8, have gone beserk as tuners' dream cars at SEMA 2008.

High performance sedans from Hyundai at SEMA 2008 are meant to highlight the company's firm commitment towards sustainable performance from the rear-wheel-drive layout. Take these three sedans as an example, showcased by the houses of RKSport/Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc. (HATCI), RIDES magazine and DUB magazine.

RKSport/HATCI selected a supercharger to make their statement heard loudly from Hyundai's 4.6-liter Tau engine to produce something around the 460 hp mark. To counter this unnatural intrusion on the earth's ecosystem, a cylinder deactivation system is installed to the tune of 18 mpg for urban driving and 27 mpg on the highway. The car features styling that highlights rear roof spoiler, trunk spoiler, a composite hood, a Magnaflow performance exhaust and a Baer performance brake package.

RIDES magazine went ICE with their Genesis sedan by basically recreating the Internet on four wheels. Ok, not exactly but this car is so connected you'd think it was a politician. What we have here is everything from iPhone 3G, Wi-Fi Internet connection, Mac Mini PCs, MacBook Air and movie-theater-like surround sound. It's fitted with seats that contain suede accents, and 8.4-inch VGA headrest monitors which no proper tuner can do without. The car sits inside a custom-molded front body kit, side skirts, lowered suspension and smoked headlamps.

DUB's Genesis 4.6-liter Tau interpretation is a makeover that counts among its elements an elaborate audio and video system, 22-inch wheels, custom-lowering kits, tinted windows and DUB emblems.


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