Toyota's Motorsports Technical Group showed a Tundra project truck equipped as a heavy-duty crew-cab "dually," complete with big diesel engine and fifth-wheel hitch.

In the realm of full-size pickup trucks, payload and towing capacity are just as significant as Nurburgring lap times are for the Porsche and Ferrari crowd. That's what's exciting about this diesel-powered, dual rear wheel (DRW) equipped Toyota Tundra that's appearing at SEMA. Put together by Toyota Motorsports' Technical Group, the menacing, charcoal gray truck stands as an answer to those who insist that the newly-upsized Tundra is a less serious truck than the competition from Ford and Chevrolet.

Under the hood, there's an 8.0 liter inline six-cylinder turbodiesel Hino commercial truck engine. A healthy five-speed manual transmission and a Hino DRW rear end get the power to the ground and boost this stretched Tundra's capacity. 22.5-inch wheels are provided by Alcoa. Toyota didn't release specifications, but the Tundra's fifth-wheel hitch is rated at 24,000 pounds. No word on if such a truck is a serious consideration for production, or if it's just truck-guy chest-thumping.


Gallery: Toyota Tundra Diesel Dually Project Truck at SEMA 2008