Hip hop artist Nelly brings his customized 2009 Ford Flex to SEMA. Nelly worked with a Ford designer on this tuned Flex which features 22" rims, an Internet entertainment system and a few other gadgets.

Hip hop artist Nelly fell in love with Ford's latest crossover and he just had to have one. And he had to have the Ford Flex his way.

The 34 year-old Grammy winner saw the car for the first time at a Ford event in Atlanta last July. He shared his enthusiasm with his friend DJ Funkmaster Flex, who himself has worked with Ford since 2005 on customizing vehicles.

Nelly took his ideas to Ford and worked with designer Melvin Betancourt on achieving his vision for the car. The work is exclusively cosmetic and includes a refined leather interior with a state-of-the-art sound system, custom-color blue with a white roof, 22-inch wheels, and an exhaust system that adds a little rumble to the Flex.

Ford claims that over half of its Flex customers are new to the Ford brand and hopes that adding a little glamour to the Flex by introducing this star-inspired tuner model at SEMA will help promote sales.

In the press release, Nelly refers to himself as a ‘premiere stuntastic stuntman'. We are still awaiting details on what that means.

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