Chevy gives the Camaro a long list of tuning options from GM's Performance Parts division that put the romance back into one of Chevy's premier heritage models.

The key word for the Chevy Camaro is heritage. And with this offering by GM's Performance Parts division, the Chevy brand restores a little of the romance that helped make the Camaro one of the icons of American car culture.

The list of tuning options is long and includes both interior and exterior trim kits, from cabin design to classic stripe kits in various colors. What stands out are the rally and hockey stick-style strip options which evoke the past (yet another 70s-referencing design cue) while keeping the contemporary Camaro relevant in the marketplace today simply by its boldness alone.

Also on offer here are some performance goodies for under the hood and beyond. It includes air box and exhaust kits for both the V6 and V8 engines to improve performance and accentuate sound. And the real kicker, a short-throw shifter developed with Hurst with the classic styling of that well-know parts maker.

No details on pricing or performance boosting are available but the pics tell their own story.

Chevy Camaro Gets Full Line of Performance Parts and Accessories