Citroën unveils details of the C1 facelift -- adding new styling, a freshened-up interior, and improved fuel economy to its city car offering.

City cars have a future. Automakers are facing a severely contracting market in Europe (and elsewhere, everywhere) and as the world's economy teeters on the brink of recession and the prospect of global warming continues to be disconcerting to consumers, offering smaller, nimble, economical cars is the way to go. After all, people still have to get around town.

Here Citroen is investing a little in upgrading its C1 in a very competitive city car market which features more than enough choices for drivers who want to go that route. The new C1 will have an updated front-end with new wheels and exterior trims while also upgrading it's interior with new upholstery and cockpit materials.

But the main story is the tweaking of Citroen's 1.0i 68 hp engine, which now rates the lowest CO2 emissions in the UK market. It's CO2 emissions are down 2.7% to 106g/km. The tweaking also takes mileage to 62.8mpg (UK), or just over 4 liters/100km, an improvement of 2.1%.

Citroën C1 Facelift Revealed