German tuner Hamann lets loose its take on the BMW X6 -- boosting power in both gasoline and diesel versions and adding tuning optics like 23" rims.

The BMX X6 is a tricky vehicle to classify. In photos, it can look like a hot-hatch on steroids. Up close, you see the SUV in the vehicle. It's dimensions are even larger than the X5 and the only thing that cramps its cargo room to make it less than the X5 is the sloping hatch - a styling cue that makes the X6 unique and hard to pin down.

Of course, the term-du-jour is Crossover, which is what Hamann-Motorsports uses to describe the X6. But their treatment is a little more adventurous than that. Hamann boosts the X6's 3.5i gasoline/petrol version from 306 to 360 hp and the 3.5d (diesel) from 286 hp to 320 hp. Cranking power is also considerably elevated by 140 Nm to 540 Nm in the 3.5i and taken to a massive 660 Nm in the 3.5d from a previous 580 Nm.

On the outside, Hamann offers the option of 23-inch rims, in need of 315/25R23 tires. Oh, and the price tag for just the four wheels is 9,385 euros. Yes, this is an audacious tuner that also messes with the BMW sound with a four-pipe exhaust system that gives the X6 a more grounded sound.

The tuning kit also comes with a collection of spoilers and skirts and the interior gets a once-over with special carbon-fiber materials too. But Hamann is a performance tuner and this X6 definitely puts on a show.

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