The former Bond villain's hitman, Le Fantome, falls in love with his target's Ford Edge.

You annoy a baddy so much that he sends a hitman after you. You go into witness protection, have plastic surgery to change your appearance, and move to a tiny Mediterranean village. Sense would dictate you get a small, chic hatchback like a Fiat 500 to run around in. But you love your huge, bright orange Ford Edge so much that you take it with you. It doesn’t exactly blend in with your new surroundings, though.

And it makes you instantly recognizable when the hitman tracks you down - which they always do. Surely your fate is sealed?

Well, no. Because, as luck would have it, your hitman is a sucker for a huge, bright orange SUV. So much so that he gets weirdly protective of it and you, returning the thousands he was paid to wipe you out and even dispatching the next assassin who is sent after you.

But he’s not above stealing. So he takes off in the Edge, leaving you with an ancient motorcycle, a pair of tickets to Peru, and a bemused expression on your face. More fool you for leaving the keys in your car when there’s crazy hitman stalking it.

That utterly bizarre scenario plays out in Ford’s new eight-minute short, Le Fantôme - or The Ghost. It stars former Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen thoroughly enjoying himself as the titular assassin who develops a weird attachment to his target’s Edge.

Advertising agency GTB is behind the film, which was directed by music video specilaist Jake Scott - the son of Alien director Ridley Scott.

Le Fantôme is utterly baffling. One moment it's a dark thriller, the next it's a comedy. And then it's a creeper movie. And its morality is all over the place. Which makes diving the point of the film extremely hard. I think the point is to underline the desirability of the Edge. Or how clever the script writer is. I'm really not sure.

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