Gotcha! One of Audi’s close confidants has sent through these pictures as confirmation that Audi is building a mighty R8 V10 using the 500-plus bhp 5.2-litre V10.

It turns out our sources over at Audi were not misleading us at all on this instance of a V10 R8. These pictures pretty much confirms the scenario of ten cylinders hidden inside the engine of the super R8. For those who felt mildly entertained by the R8 in its 309kW/ 420 bhp guise and were longing for more, well this is undoubtedly it. Count the number of raised notches on the engine and see five on each side. That’s 10. Ten for cylinders, 5.2 for displacement. You know who from…

Jalopnik received these anonymous heads-up pictures which we are told are of a pre-production mule, one of several being loaned out to special R8 owners. How special this guy who took these pics will be after Audi logs on is a matter of debate. Nevertheless we say thanks dude! Give us a spin when your car arrives.

New Evidence Confirms Super R8 will get the 5.2 Litre V10 Engine