Infiniti will make the new G37 Convertible Premier Edition available to buyers exclusively through Bloomingdale's Holiday Catalog, months before the car makes its way to dealerships across the US.

Infiniti will be making its new G37 Covertible Premier Edition available only through Bloomingdale's months before the car makes it to dealerships across the US. The unusual marketing campaign will put just 199 Premium Editions up for purchase through the department store's holiday catalogs mail order system. Prospective buyers can try to place their orders the old fashioned way, by telephone, starting on November 10th.

This premium edition will come with a few special features, including 19-inch wheels, a snazzy grill, and a luxury interior called Monaco Red with leather-trim and hand-crafted wood.

The G37 will be officially launched at the LA Motor Show on November 19th. The G37 convertible will also be on display at 4 selected Bloomingdale stores across the US from December 10 to January 10.

The 2009 G37 Convertible comes with Nissan's new 3.7 liter, 330 hp V6. It will be available in US dealerships next spring.

2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible Premier Edition