The strangest tuner versions of the Mercedes GLK are headed for the SEMA show in Las Vegas to help break-in the new GLK which will be launched in the North American market next January.

Some things are not meant to be. Like women do not go bald and a Mercedes GLK should not be a convertible. But on the other hand, what are freaky tuner versions for if not to entertain us like an afternoon at the circus? These cars are not meant to be driven but simply looked at for a laugh or for appreciation of the work.

In an increasingly competitive luxury market, and one that is contracting severely in North America, Mercedes likely believes this kind of marketing will set it apart and add a little glitz to their new GLK.

"We selected SEMA in Las Vegas as the backdrop for its first appearance in North America because we want to take advantage of the show's glamour," said Gorden Wagener, Mercedes-Benz Head of Design in a press release statement.

Mercedes-Benz is also holding a popularity contest for several of the top tuners that will be shown at the SEMA show, whereby people can vote for their favorite models online or by mobile phone. The winner will be announced on December 2nd.

The SEMA show takes place from the 4th to the 7th of November at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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