Clear shots taken from the passenger seat of the new Porsche Panamera show the car's instrument panel and console.

We've got some excellent spy photos of the Porsche Panamera's interior, courtesy of The pictures appear to have been shot from the passenger seat, and show that the four-door Porsche's got a very familiar-looking five-pod instrument panel. It also appears to have a 911-style left-hand ignition key. The center console is festooned with buttons, hinting at the high equipment levels that will no doubt be available when the Panamera enters the market against some very worthy competitors from Aston Martin, Mercedes and Maserati. During 2009, expect most Panameras to be high-content, high-profile V8 models, with the less expensive V6 coming along once Porsche's luxury-sport sedan has established itself as a worthy competitor to the Mercedes CLS and Maserati Quattroporte.

More photos can be found at the Teamspeed website.


Gallery: Porsche Panamera Interior Spied From Passenger Seat