A speed camera in the German state of Bavaria took a picture of a speeding motorist which turned out to be a Muppet. This photo was released by the Bayreuth police department.

A speed camera in the German state of Bavaria took a photo of a speeding motorist which appeared to be one of the Muppets.

The local police were initially amused when it turned out the large puppet was put there by a British motorist with a certain sense of humor. But they then found out the driver had been caught speeding with traffic cameras several times before in the region of Bavaria.

The police say they will not track down the driver of the UK registered, right-hand drive Audi because the vehicle is not domestically licensed. But they have asked the public for clues to the driver's identity.

Bayreuth police said they believed the muppet to be either Grover or Ernie from Seasame Street.

But while the police were more interested in the individual sitting to the right, our intrepid colleagues over at The Local discovered the true identity of the muppet to be Animal, the crazed drummer of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem band.

Speeding Muppet