Manufacturer fly out menu returns, Simplified site design, Readers polls More categories, Improved photo gallery

  • Manufacturer fly out menu returns
  • Simplified site design
  • Reader polls
  • More categories
  • Improved photo gallery

Visual impact has been a key element in WCF's web design. It established credibility in the early stages and helped set us apart from the competition later on. However, for this latest version, we took a step back, listened carefully to your feedback and hit the drawing board.

This year's redesign focuses on improving the overall visitor experience with greater emphasis on functionality instead of visual impact. We've scaled down the size of the article top photo and reduced the number of headlines on the main page for easier scanning. Our old “Jump to a Manufacturer” expanding navigation menu has been resurrected for easier and faster navigation throughout the site.

Long overdue, you can scroll photo album high-resolution size images via “Next photo” and “Previous photo” buttons. Furthermore, simply clicking directly on the photo advances to the next photo in queue. Thumbnail images of the entire photo album are now viewable at the bottom of every photo page for easier previewing.

The featured stories sliding menu on the main page has been expanded. Top headlines won't fall off the front page so quickly as stories get updated throughout the day.

In addition to a new “Asian” home page, we will add more categories to the navigation menu over the next few days. They include: Hybrid, Electric Vehicle, Supercars, Special Editions, Awards, Nurburgring, Entertainment, Production, Records (World), Pricing, Gadgets, Facelifts, Diesel, Teasers, Design, Lifestyle and Video Games.

Other near future plans:

  • Spy Photo and Tuner widgets added to manufacturer pages
  • Daily Formula 1 news

Your feedback has played a decisive role in this redesign and we thank you for all of your support. As always you can send us your comments at: feedback[at]

Welcome to WCF Redesign 2008