Four Ford F-150 projects by DEWALT, X'Treme Toyz, Street Scene Equipment and Hi-Pa Drive trucks will be shown at 2008 SEMA with four different but equally fiery interpretations of the legendary truck.

Ford is going heavy-duty at SEMA with four project F-150 trucks on standby to wow anyone with any inkling towards off-road excursions or on-site projects. These come with a twist though, as does everything at SEMA.

The four tuners who turned these tough boys into Cinderellas are DEWALT, X’Treme Toyz, Street Scene Equipment and Hi-Pa Drive. DEWALT attempted to load an entire Home Depot inside their creation by cramping features that turn the F-150 into a mobile tool centre. It features things like Tool Link, a solution that allows owners to see which tools are loaded in the truck and if they are the correct ones. Also a built-in charger for battery-powered tools is integrated.

X’Treme Toyz chose to call their outcome the Fahrenheit F-150° which works well with the “hot flame” exterior graphics theme. Its makers say the big toy carries a 9,000lb winch located behind the front license plate and rear, a bike rack, and sliding cargo drawer.

Street Scene Equipment chose to go a little less “wow” by giving their F-150 Lariat Supercrew limited style – as far as SEMA goes – while keeping F-150’s ruggedness and tough attitude. Said attitude is only outside though because Street Scene has taken care of interior comfort too. The Ford F-150 by Street Scene promises to be a true F-150 for all reasons and seasons.

For Hi-Pa Drive, the F-150 represented an opportunity of a different kind, one that spelled G.R.E.E.N. Hi-Pa Drive F-150 is an eco-driven fully-electric mammoth worth more than 600 hp from the four electric in-wheel motors. This one’s like the green giant.

Ford to Show Four F-150 Project Trucks at SEMA