The front and rear bumpers are complete replacements for the stock parts, and the wing takes inspiration from the Countach.

The tuner DMC specializes in doing wild things to high-end vehicles, and the company doesn’t deviate from that talent with its latest project – the crazy Huracán Edizione-GT Spyder. In addition to the new body kit, the blue beast packs 1,088 horsepower (811 kilowatts) and 738 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-meters) of torque from a highly upgraded biturbo V10.

The Edizione-GT Spyder uses DMC’s Stage 4 tuning kit, and its results are impressive. The roadster can reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in a claimed 2.69 seconds – versus 3.4 seconds for a stock Huracán Spyder. Top speed also grows to 214 mph (354 kph) from 201 mph (324 kph) in factory trim.

While the biturbo setup grabs headlines, the company also upgrades the engines internals so that the parts can take the extra power. The gearbox receives similar improvements for handling so much grunt.

DMC Lamborghini Huracan LP1088

DMC has tuned the Huracán before, but the firm allowed its designers to go wild on the Edizione-GT Spyder with no limitations on what the resulting upgrades would cost. Many tuners offer modular upgrades, but this kit goes a step further by making the redesigned front and rear bumper complete replacements for the stock components. The decision means an owner can more easily reinstall the original pieces.

The new front fascia sports massive intakes, and the most visually interesting components are the vertical winglets at each corner because they immediately grab viewers’ attention. Larger side sills also add some extra panache to the profile. The upgraded rear features an attractive diffuser, and DMC says the wing’s shape takes inspiration from the one on the Lamborghini Countach. The part is also adjustable, including three angles that the tuner calls GT Mode, Cruise Mode, and Fun Mode.

DMC Lamborghini Huracan LP1088

DMC doesn’t discuss prices, but the extensive mods can’t be inexpensive. You can get a better look in the Edizione-GT in the video below. Unfortunately, the music drowns out any chance to hear the upgraded engine.

If you’re looking for a hotter Huracán Spyder from the factory, then be patient. Lamborghini now has a trademark fro the Huracán Performante, which is likely the roadster with the performance upgrades from the forthcoming Huracán Superleggera.

Source: DMC

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