Mitsuoka launches the Galue S50 Limousine, based on the Infiniti M. The unique blend of styling elements is not for your more traditional drivers.

The new Mitsuoka Galue S50 Limousine has been launched. But don't expect this car to spark a new Japanese trend-craze.

First off is a price tag a little on the hefty side considering what lies underneath this ambitious design. For a car based on the Infiniti M, taking that car's chassis and attaching a new body, this automotive creature will cost between 8 million and 9.3 million Yen, or about 68,000 to 80,000 euros. The Galue S50 also comes with Infiniti M powerplants - a modest 223 hp 2.5 liter and a more muscular 3.5 liter with 313 hp and also available in all-wheel-drive.

Next would be the styling. Mitsuoka is a very small, very specialized Japanese carmaker whose designs consist of an odd blend of traditional Japanase styling and an aspiration towards British luxury. That is, they look like Rolls Royces built by Toyota in the 1950s.

Mitsouka's most understated-styled car is the Orochi, a sportscar which makes the carmaker's designs look downright mainstream.

Automotive Oddball: The Mitsuoka Galue S50 Limousine