Same car, different stripes. Story of a Renault RS Sandero F1 and RS Logan F1, two cars on new paintwork but same old metal. Hopefully engine upgrades will be announced shortly. Don't hold your breath though.

It’s like giving your kid a red cape and calling him Superman. It’s like getting plus-sized actor Jack Black a bicycle and telling him he can race the Tour de France. Dear Renault, how come, why’d you do it? You know the Renaultsport F1 badge is a coveted one, not worn by any old thing. Yet Renault has seen it fit to give it to a Sandero and Logan, cars we don’t particularly have anything against on their own.

But once that RS thing gets going, that badge, that yellow, those stripes, we kinda expect a bit more. This time we didn’t get more. Actually, we feel slightly shortchanged. Decals and yellow paint aside, why should people pay extra for these two cars? Maybe by the time the cars show up at the Sao Paulo Auto Show 2008, more would have been added for that real va va voom. For now it feels just like when you order a burger that looks so big in the picture, but seems to have shrunk when the waiter delivers it.

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